TISS Hyderabad starts with M.A. in HRM

TISS, Hyderabad commenced its M.A. in Human Resource Management from 1 July 2015. Inaugural session for M.A. in HRM program was conducted at the Roda Mistry campus in Hyderabad. The objective behind Tata Institute of Social Sciences Hyderabad campus, the Master of Arts program in Human Resource Management is to groom future leaders by building competence and character so that they act sensitively to the rapidly changing social and economic realities and are able to contribute ethically and meaningfully to the business, society and nation.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by

  • Sunil Bijlani ( Sr.VP – Human Resources – Asia at Synchrony Financial)
  • Nanda Kumar (Ex-Divisional head HR, PSPD, ITC)
  • Sharat Kumar (Director Human Resources & Operations at ICRISAT)
  • K Sreenivas Rao (chief strategist and Partner, The Strategist)

And among the faculty Mr. Mohammed Abid, Dr. Shubhra Hajela, Dr. Ashutosh Murti, Dr. Poulomi Bhattacharya and Dr. Anupama Sharma were present.

An interaction session with honorable guests was organized for students of HRM. They advised students to get out of their comfort zones and believe in themselves. Excerpts from this interaction:

       Institutions are mainly known for their learning culture and value system they impart to their students not only for the infrastructure they have. Our study should inculcate in us a sense of collaboration and cooperation. Mr. Bijlani said that there has to be a natural appetite for experiments in our professional life this will help you grow, life is like an experiment the more you do it the better it gets.

      As an HR we are not into popularity business rather we should do things what is right for our organization. Parenting isn’t TRP business, same with HR! Also finance is the language of business and as an important pillar of organization we should understand this language very well. Mr. Bijlani also quoted that “If you are confused, look inside. You will find your answers and in the process you will also discover a wealth of strengths that will help you take right decisions.”Mr. Sharat Kumar talked a little about working in social sector. He asked students to explore opportunities like UN YPP, ICS and asked to consider options of working in development sector.


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