Synergies for better learning – Stay hungry stay foolish

The students of School of Human Resource Management at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad campus, had the opportunity to interact with Mr. K. Srinivas Rao as a part of their guest lecture series on September 5, 2015 at their Roda Mistry Campus.

Mr. K. Srinivas Rao is currently the partner and the chief strategist at “The Strategist”.  He holds dual Masters’ degree; he attended Indore School of Social Work where he topped the class of ’93 and received a Masters of Social Work with emphasis in Human Resources and later went on to do Masters in Military Sciences. Currently, he is a research scholar at XLRI Jamshedpur. He was awarded “HR Leadership Award” in 2008-09 by Employer Branding Institute.

In his interactive session, he shared many insightful stories from his experience, which was indeed inspiring. He highlighted that these two years of their life is crucial for them as it will be a journey of continuous learning and will add value to them. He shared the three mantras to the success. Firstly, he emphasized that one has to “stay greedy” to learn in their life, and he quoted Steve Jobs “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. The second mantra is that one should always “be humble” in their life even if they reach great heights of success. Third, he stressed that to accomplish dreams, one has to “be mad” about it and have faith in oneself. Sports, as a one of the interest area of Mr. Rao has taught him one thing “if you fail today, don’t worry, you can win tomorrow”, which very well underlines that one should never give up their goals at first attempt. Further, answering the queries of the students, he highlighted the importance of multi tasking. Nevertheless, it is important to focus on one task at a time without diverting your energy towards other tasks. Also, he added that one should always make way for the 25th hour in their life by making every minute of their life productive.Srinivas Rao

The session of Mr. Rao motivated the students to be determined towards their dreams and always strive to achieve their goals. The valuable experiences shared by Mr. Rao have been an immense learning for the students.


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