Interactive Session on HR Emerging Trends by Mr.Vijay Velamoor (TISS PM&IR,1978-80)

Mr. Vijay Velamoor with TISS Hyderabad’s MA HRM students

Student of MA HRM had the wonderful opportunity to interact with Mr. Vijay Velamoor (1978-80 batch TISS MA PM&IR). Just before the start of the session Mr. Vijay clearly spelt the rules for this session, rules were:

  • Participation is a must
  • Debate is imperative
  • Use of mobile devices permitted (out of the love for the industry he worked in.)
  • Knowledge has to come out and it’s for all.

Student of HRM strictly adhered to these rules (except they didn’t use mobile).  Mr. Vijay Velamoor shared with student findings of Corporate Executive Board (CEB) regarding the perception of CHRO, HR partner and business leader about most important HR roles. They all agreed that the most important HR role in an organization is that of strategic partner, at the same time when asked about effectiveness of HR role as strategic partner answers were not encouraging.

Mr. Velamoor emphasized that New and Emerging Trends Present a Rare Opportunity to change the perception about our vocation by emphasizing on its relevance and value. In this era of change and disruptions it is important for us to be leaders of change.  He talked about various dimensions in which these changes are occurring. We are already struggling with the changes in economic scenario, at the same time we have strong changes occurring in employee demography, legal and regulatory environment. In not so distant future, there will be a tectonic shift in the way we perceive and use technology at present. There are changes in several other fields like politics, environment etc these have implication on way we conduct business.

Mr. Velamoor also shared moments from his own rich professional experience of more than three decades in HR function spread across different geographies and different industries. The session was all electric with endless current of thought on the subject emanating from every participant.


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