Interaction with with Mr.Moheet Nagarath (TISS PM&IR batch 1983)

Mr.Moheet Nagrath with student of MA HRM batch 2015-17 of TISS Hyderabad campus.

Mr. Moheet Nagrath (former Chief Human Resources Officer, P&G) walked the hallowed portals of his alma mater Tata Institute of Social Sciences after a long  interval  of  more than  thirty  years.  He spent  more  than  three   decades   at   the   multinational   FMCG conglomerate, Proctor  and  Gamble.  Mr. Moheet  is a  well  known  name  in  Global HR fraternity. One of the most successful alumnus of TISS, it gives us immense pride to be a part of  the  same  institution  as  Mr. Moheet. He has  broken the stereotypes and set an example for future Tissians to follow. He has been associated with the Boston Consulting Group and presently he runs his own venture, Leadership Architecture Worldwide LLC.

Interactions followed for two afternoon sessions on the 16th and 18th of January, 2016 on issues ranging from the challenges faced by HR professionals in a myriad cultures around the globe, resistance  in  aligning  goals  of  the  company and employees, best practices in HR, organizational  culture, importance  of  credibility  for  HR  professional,  importance relationship beyond immediate team in learning experience and many more. Enthralling questions   combined  with  Moheet’s magnetic  personality  made  it a  unique  learning experience for the students of the current HRM batch of TISS Hyderabad.


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