Meeting Dr. Santrupt Mishra (CEO Carbon Black and Director Human resources, Aditya Birla Group)


1242On 9th of June 2016, two students (Ashish Kumar and Charu Priya Palni) of MA HRM, Hyderabad got an opportunity to meet Dr. Santrupt Mishra, CEO Carbon Black and Director Human resources of the Aditya Birla Group. As they recount, the meeting was very enriching and they will cherish it for long time to come. Dr. Mishra was curious about the HRM course at TISS Hyderabad campus, the faculty and discussed in detail about the other offerings of the course. In his words, the batch strength reminded him of his days as a student at TISS, he also believed that an institution should be identified by its students. He stressed on the need of flexibility in higher education system of our country. He was of the belief that we as students of HRM should develop deep understanding of the subjects that are vital to our profession. He also expected that the subjects offered in HRM courses of     B schools should not sacrifice fundamental for fancy; it should have a focused approach. Dr. Mishra also enquired about the projects that these students undertook during their summer internship at the Aditya Birla Group. Finally he asked the students to write a blog about their journey in the institution (SHRM, TISS Hyderabad campus). The students are extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Mishra for taking some time out for them from his extremely busy schedule. The students have also extended an invitation to him to visit the campus which he happily accepted.


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