Workshop by Mr Kanti Gopal Kovvali (TISS PM&IR Batch 1989 – 1991) for the batch of TISS MA HRM 2016-18

Mr. Kanti Gopal Kovvali is the founder and CEO of Institution Builders, an HR consulting firm which specializes in Change Management solution. He has worked for several organizations like Eicher Consultancy Services, iShiva, Atomnia, HCL Comnet and Right Management in different roles such as COO, DGM HR, Vice President and Senior Consultant.

DAY 1:


The three day workshop started the M.A. in Human Resource Management class for the batch 2016-18. Mr. Kanti Gopal invited students to be part of a transformation to change themselves and the world. Mr. Kanti Gopal conducted the workshop on how to prepare ourselves for the future in Human Resources. It was inspiring and the participants were fully into it, it included eye-opening series of activities, sessions and discussions.

On the 21st of June, the session began with Mr. Kanti Gopal emphasizing on why and how we ought to change the lenses with which we see the world. It’s done to appreciate and understand this world in a better way. In management, this is important because a manager has to unlock individual’s full potential. Students were then asked to communicate about their talents among themselves, this helped students to know each other in better way, it also facilitated an understanding about others strengths. In organizational setup this exercise could help in identifying and enabling strengths for achieving greater organizational goal. Mr. Kanti Gopal stressed on the importance of unlearning and learning, if we want to lead change at  work place we should learn to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Change do require initiators, who take first initiative, initiators are very  important but for change to reach its logical end it requires the first and second followers – those who take risks and have the courage to follow someone whose ideas may not succeed. They add their weight through skills and expertise to the idea created by the initiator and has the courage to stick with the plan amidst exertions and odds. The bottom line is that leaders don’t manage a problem, they solves it. Leadership is an attitude.

Mr. Kanti Gopal emphasized on continuous learning and staying ahead in the game by not repeating mistakes that others did. To learn what triggers the people to their limits and help elevate them a higher level, students shared their life stories from where they displayed leadership, everyone has a leader in them. This helped students realize their weaknesses and strengths. Other activity was to think of trends that are common today but were thought to be impossible a few year back. It’s important because leaders and HR personnel has to keep up with people’s spirit and inspire them, it is imperative that we should be futuristic in our view and learn to adapt with time.

Finally class put forth their ideas and opinions about what it meant to be part of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, a premier Indian university. Students discussed its vision and values: Social sensitivity, involving the heart and not just the mind, the importance of equality of opportunity for all, the significance of problem exploration and not just problem solving were all discussed, with the most imperative being the institute’s motto, re-imagining future.

DAY 2:
The second day of the workshop began with a sharing circle, where the students were to share the learning and contemplation from the previous day. Interesting perspectives and experiences were also shared in the circle. It was evident that the session on the previous day caused deep disruptions in students mind.

Students discussed the different viewpoints that individuals have within organizations and the society. These viewpoints are ‘Lenses’ of perspectives that an individuals carry. At TISS, students are encouraged to look beyond these ‘lenses’, and instill a fairness in their outlook.
A brief discussion about importance strategy, structure, culture, policy within the context of organization was held. The role of HR in context of these organizational aspects and the challenges faced by him in flawless execution of those roles and responsibility were discussed. There was a lot of emphasis on modern techniques like design thinking, systems thinking etc.

DAY 3:


On day 3rd ,employment outlook for Human Resource Management student was discussed.

Students of human resource management can work as HR generalist and climb the career ladder into a management role, or a student can take up a niche specialist role based on his interest. Some of the employment opportunities: Business HR, Industrial Relations, Learning and Development, Training, HR Consulting, VC HR ( advisory for portfolio companies), Teaching, Outsourced HR, Corporate Learning  Universities, Behavioral/Leadership/High potential coaching.

He conducted a group activity and asked the students to discuss topics like:

The differentiating characteristics of TISS Hyderabad Campus?

How can the differentiating characteristics are achieved?

How will the class come across as a high performing team?

He advised the students to implement the learning’s from workshop in real life. It was an enriching experience and a microcosm of all that we are to experience for the next two years. Students thanked Mr. Kanti Gopal for the experiential learning he enabled and the passion with which he conducted the workshop.



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